Slidesgo Logo

Our logos are the most visible face of our projects and, for this reason, are the main communication tool in our philosophy. The constructions and design of our logos are based on three main basic principles: clarity, simplicity, and adaptability.

The main applications of our logos are for web and digital media uses, so their responsive adaptation is essential.

If possible, the main application should always be used. The logo must always be in its official color: #5F5FF6 and #0E2A47

Download the logos here.

Isotype application

Our logos are focused to use on the web, and they have a responsive version in which the isotype applications take over the logo's role. The colors must be the corporative colors, in this case: #5F5FF6

Minimum margins

In all of the uses of the logo, independent of the size of use, the minimum margins around the logo must be respected. In each case, this size corresponds with the isotype measurement.

Minimum web and print sizes

It's important that the logo is easy to read and that none of the elements are distorted in the process. In order to do this, there are minimum sizes that must not be exceeded. In this case, we have the following:

Complete logo

Minimum web size 120px x 24px

Minimum print size 2,2 cm x 0,4 cm


Minimum web size 30px x 30px

Minimum print size 0,5 cm x 0,5 cm

Incorrect logo uses

In order to maintain the integrity of our logo, it's important that it is always used with the official applications and is not modified randomly on them.
Any use that is not included in the guide will not be accepted. These are some examples of what we could consider misuse.

Respect the corportative colors
Use the adequate application for each background