First we need to create a new alerts instance.

import Alerts from 'BobjollAlerts'                  

    const alerts = new Alerts({
        fixed?: boolean; // if enabled timeout will be disabled and user has to close notification window.
        timeout?: number; // Override default notification timeout.
        template?: Function; // Override default notifications template.
        position?: keyof Position; // Override default notifications position.

Alerts are very simple to use, but don't have a lot of options as they are meant to be a basic notification preset to alert styling. string, type: AlertType, fixed = false);
Example 1
var example1 = document.getElementById('alerts-example-1');
    var alerts1 = new Alerts({
        fixed: true,
        position: 'bottom-center',

    if (example1) {
        example1.addEventListener('click', function() {
            alerts1.insert(html: '...', 'success', true);